Results for 26-27 June

Saturday 26 June

7th Grade
Pukerua Falcons 4 NW Ferraris 5

8th Grade
Pukerua Morays 5 Wests Foxes 7
Pukerua Orcas 1 Onslow Patnas 4

10th Grade B
Wests Astros 1 Pukerua Sharks 2
Pukerua Barracudas 8 Tawa Rovers 1

12th Grade A
Karori Storm 2 Pukerua Stingrays 3

Sunday 27 June
11th Grade Girls
Pukerua Panthers 1 Onslow Madras 5
Pukerua Piranhas 3 Karori Firebolts 0

14th Grade Girls
NW Storm 3 Pukerua Firebirds 1

Match Reports

Pukerua Falcons 4 NW Ferraris 5
Go you little rippers, what a great game from the little champions!!

The whole team played well against equally matched opponents with the Falcons leading 3-1 at half time. The Ferraris fought back and the game was locked at 4-4 going into the final few minutes which left the parents on the sideline on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately the Ferraris scored in the closing minutes.

Jesse made a scorching break down the field and knocked it past the goal keeper to score a great goal - well done Jesse. Dylan scored a goal, and Mitchell scored twice!!!. We also had some near misses with Corban hitting the post.

The Ferraris scored their first goal of the season so it was a good result for their team also.

Congratulations to Mitchell who received a well deserved player of the day, scoring two goals, and defending well.

Well done to Paikia who received the special medal for some solid play.

Congratulations also to the rest of the little Falcons.

Go the Falcons!!

- David Hawkyard

Pukerua Bay Barracudas 8+ Tawa Rovers PB 1
What a game! We had no subs (Merrie in Florida, Olano on the Gold Coast and unfortunately Will bumped on the head at after-school and not allowed to play - we missed you, Will). So we had to take from the Sharks too just to field a full team (thanks Stu). So firstly a big thank you to Amari who played the whole game in goal and did us proud making sure the few times that Tawa shot on our goal they didn't score. So you might ask how did they score one against us - well, it was a goal out of the book - Amari took a goal kick and a big kick it was heading up into the air when it was caught by the freezing southerly and spun back towards goal, this took Amari quite reasonably by surprise and he did his best to deflect it, but it ultimately was an own goal - classic :)

We started with Louis, Conor and Kaea in attack, Ben, Sian and Dylan in defence and very quickly we saw a very beautiful game emerge. Time and again our players worked as a team using each other to move the ball ever closer to the Tawa goal, no one player hogging the ball or trying always to score, it really was awesome play. Our big kickers also worked hard at directing their strength to shoot on goal or pass directly or as a run on to another PB player. This meant that we didn't lose possession as much as we have in some games where our big kicks have gone straight to the opposing goalie. Conor and Kaea in particular really took on this aspect of their play. By half time I think the score was 3-1. We didn't move many of the players in the second half only shifting Ben up into L Strike and Conor back into R Defence. This seemed to work well and apart from a few players forgetting their positions occasionally we just walked away with the second half. Sadly one of the Tawa parents was so busy telling their captain how to play he became completely distracted from the game arguing with his Dad. This really highlighted to me the great spirit that our PB sideline sticks to encouraging both teams, recognising good play and bad luck on both sides and generally getting enthusiastic and excited. Yelling instructions at the kids is very rarely heard and can totally distract or upset them ruining their enjoyment of the game, so thanks PB parents for the great spirit you bring to the sideline each week. We'd agreed to shorten the second half as a number of the players were very cold and to be honest I did lose count of the final score. A great tussle in the goal mouth worthy of a world cup challenge drew the game to an earlier end as the goalie was accidentally injured and PB scored a final goal. Kaea reckoned we scored 14-1. Louis thought 11-1. If any of the parents counted please let me know LOL. We put it through to Capital Football as 8-1.

Players of the day were the whole team - it was a superb game, beautiful thinking team plays, good direction and control, no hesitation to seize every opportunity and play from the first to the final whistle. Dylan swept like a master all over the field, blocking attacks, scoring goals, passing to his team. Conor showed how much his fitness has come up by running the whole game, scoring goals and again some awesome team plays. Louis maintained a ruthless attack often either looking for and finding the cross into goal, chasing on the ball to score or passing to other players more likely to get it home. Kaea outran Tawa players and some strong defence came into play forcing corners where Tawa had thought they were in for a goal. Kaea also scored goals and used his team well. Ben had some superb shots on goal and took his game up a notch on previous matches, which was great to see. Players to get special mention were Amari for superb goal keeping and helping us out and to Sian for staying on the field and in the game despite being frozen!

Thanks to Sian's mum Lucy for oranges and post game treats.
Thanks to all the parents as above you are what bring the whole event together.

- Kate MacIntyre

Karori Storm 2 Pukerua Stingrays 3
Well, ideal weather for soccer. Cold wind, rain and mud (yeah, right). With a few players away, we re-shuffled a few positions and got down to work. Liam in goal, Arran at centre back and Blake at left back. Jordan filled in for us on the bench.

The boys finally started the game right from the first whistle. They dominated the play and virtually camped in the oppositions half. Goals were hard to come by due to the heavy conditions. James eventually got through the mud to score the first goal (nice celebration dive in the cold puddle). We continued the pressure with some of the best team passing I’ve seen this season. Blake, Zac and Oscar passing well down the left side, Gus controlling the mid-field and putting some wide angled passes in, plus a few individual runs into the box. After numerous shots and runs into the box, Gus eventually got around the defence and mud to score a good goal. Karori pulled one back just before half time.

With Zac coming off in the second half, Jordan went on the left wing, dropping Oscar back to midfield, another combination that worked pretty well. Another attack by Karori saw another goal squeeze inside the near post, Liam tried his best, but the wet slippery ball was hard to control. In the last five minutes Gus launched a good high ball to the near post from a free kick from the corner of the area, James ran in and connected with a good half volley 3-2. This was a goal out of the world cup text book. Goal of the season so far. Arran's tireless commitment yet again.

I refereed the second half and the only question asked continuously was, "how much time left?" as it was freezing.

Player of the day was Gus for his passing (vision), goal and midfield domination. Well done to all the boys for their performance in the conditions and the supporters.

- Chris Mooney