Results for 1-2 May

Saturday 1 May
7th Grade
Pukerua Falcons  0  Wests Pikes 8

8th Grade
Pukerua Orcas  1  NW Hawks  9
Wests Wolves  5  Pukerua Morays  1


10th Grade A
Pukerua Barracudas  2  NW Zoom  0 (Friendly)

10th Grade B
Pukerua Sharks  1  NW Shock  2

12th Grade A
Tawa Hawks  2  Pukerua Stingrays  6

Sunday 2 May
11th Grade Girls
Nth Wgtn Kiwis  1  Pukerua Piranhas  4
Pukerua Panthers  1  Karori Firebolts  6

14th Grade Girls
Pukerua Firebirds  0  Onslow Orari  1


Pukerua Falcons 0 Wests Pikes 8
It was another tough game this week against a Wests team who played well, and showed some great skills for such a young age.

The Falcons are improving with every game and each contributes in their own unique way.

Jesse was superb as goalkeeper in the first half, and also Harry in the second half who gave the ball a bit of a rough time with his head.

Mitchell, Morgan, and Paikea never stopped running, Hayley had some great runs down the middle, Austin was rock solid in defence, and Corban is now officially the big kick-off man.

Your kids all showed great character as they ran and tackled all the way to full time.

Dylan was player of the week with his tackling and running - well done.

A big thank you to all those who supported on the sideline, Morgan's Mum for the half time oranges, Mike for referring, and also AJ and Rachel.

— David Hawkyard

Pukerua Orcas 1 NW Hawks 9
Despite an effort full of heart, the Orcas were soundly beaten at the weekend with a 9–1 loss to the NW Hawks. The Orcas continue to develop their passing skills and there was some fantastic tackling and goal keeping efforts particularly from Laura, Fynn, Alistair and Thomas. Despite that, the Hawks showed better positional play that allowed them to get behind us and score the goals. Some valuable lessons to learn for the Orcas and something to work on in practice.

Player of the day went to Laura. She worked hard, ran around the pitch and tackled strongly.

— Ian Cowan

Wests Wolves 5 Pukerua Morays 1
It was a long tough game with no reserves to give anyone a rest, but everyone gave it their all. First half we fought into the wind and were down 0–2. It would've been more if not for some solid defence by all players and some great saves by Oscar as goalie. In the second half we had the wind at our backs, which helped us move forward, and the team capitalised with a goal put just over the line by Tommy.

Francis had to go off with a foot injury in the last few minutes. The Wolves gave us a fill in, but it broke up our combinations and they got two easy last-minute goals. Everyone played a great game, we had great defence and some good attacks with lots of passing and talking.

Player of the day: Oscar Mooney, great goalie in first half saving lots of goals

— Mark Orange

PB Barracudas v NW Zoom (Friendly) PB 2 NW 0
A well matched game and what a performance — with no subs we knew that each player would have to give 100% to this match. It was great that all the players were at the match in time to warm up, stretch which is really key to preventing injuries, and to get briefed on their position and key strategies for the game. In the first half we had Sian, Louis and Dylan in attack and Kaea, Olano and Will in defence with Ben protecting the goal. We played strongly, holding positions well and apart from one almost score from the Zooms we kept blocking their attack with our rock solid defence and after a great kick up the field from Kaea, Olano took us to 1–0 with a great goal.

After half time Ben, Kaea and Will moved up to attack, Sian, Dylan and Olano locked in our defence and Louis was in goal. While the kids were a bit more tired in this half I was proud to see them all keep going, great team talk, great attitude, superb headers from a number of the kids - Kaea was almost pile driven into the ground when he took one on! Dylan scored the second goal by taking a corner that the goalie went for but which resulted in an own goal — impressive work, Dylan.

Players of the day — the whole team! And in particular:
Kaea for a great strong game superb in defence and in stopper, working hard all over the field, and header of the game.
Dylan — goal from a corner kick. AWESOME! And a great game from start to finish — strong play, great passing and great strategy.
Thanks to Dylan's family for bringing the oranges and thanks to all the parents and grand parents and family for the sideline support and getting the kids there in time to warm up.

— Kate MacIntyre

Pukerua Bay Sharks 1 North Wellington Shock 2
The weather threatened to remind us that we play a winter sport, but we were very lucky and played in sunshine with a stiff wind. which we played into in the first half. We had all eight Sharks present for the game, which gave us one sub. We were captained today by Armari and started off with Caelon in goal and Jacob, Tabitha and Armari in defence. Alex and Reuben played out wide and Jordan up front. Heath replaced Reuben (who stayed on longer while Alex got over a mouth injury). The Shock started very strongly and we were camped in our own half and had to defend well. We had a couple of counter attacks, which got us in good positions, but no early goals. The Shock got their breakthrough from a corner, which bounced awkwardly off a couple of defenders before they shot one past Caelon. Heads stayed up and the Sharks showed some grit and played a lot more in the opposition half. Jordan got a goal back for us when he took on about four kids and won! Great stuff Jordan — we talked about being confident and try running around our opponents and shooting when the opportunity is there at practise. The Shock got their lead back shortly before halftime when we briefly backed off and gave them space to have some shots and missed a couple of chances to clear the ball away. The Sharks once again kept their heads up and saw the half out.

Oranges, water and they were back into it. Reuben went into goal, Armari and Heath stayed on the left, Tabitha and Alex on the right, Jordan and Jacob were in the middle and Caelon replaced Tabitha (who then had to go back on when Heath got a head injury). We unfortunately didn't get an equaliser in the second half, but using the wind we created a lot of chances and it was the Shock who had to rely on counter attacks. A couple of those almost saw the Shock score more, but Reuben made some solid saves. As a coach I was encouraged that we were still going forward hard at the final whistle — and the Shock were glad to hear that whistle. It was our first loss of the season, but the effort that the kids put into it was fantastic and they should be proud of themselves.

Players of the Day
Alex Connolly for playing what has been his best game to date. Bravely taking on defenders in attack and clearing strongly in defence and a positive attitude when injured in the first half.
Tabitha Batchelor who has impressed all season with her strong defending but today was good in defence and in her attacking running. Keep that effort up guys.

Thanks to Reuben's family for the oranges and to all the other parents for your usual enthusiastic support.

— Stu Connolly

Tawa Hawks 2 Pukerua Stingrays 6
Although the score suggests an easy match, it was not so. Tawa kept us on our toes and kept on attacking. A finely executed first goal was brought up from halfway by Blake, passed wide to left wing Oscar, who took it further up to put a fine through ball to Gus, who ran onto it nicely and scored. This showed that the Stingrays were here to play. The wet slippery conditions did not help our cause.

Three more goals (James, Gus & Oscar) saw us up 4–1 at half time. Tawa scored after a good break up field left us a few short in defence with the mid-field struggling to get back. Good defence and some particularly good saves by Alila helped us keep it to just one goal.

Second half was a bit of a ding-dong battle, trading two goals to one. James scored his second, then Blake finished off a goalmouth scramble. Tawa kept on coming back at us and Connor and Gerrard had their work cut out in defence to keep them at bay. A shot, which was saved by Alila, squirmed away in the wet and left them a tap in.

Player of the day was Connor Butler for his tireless defence, especially in the second half. The whole team put in their best in slippery conditions, well done.

— Chris Mooney

Pukerua Panthers 1 Karori Firebolts 6
The Panthers put in a spirited effort against Karori this week, but again went down 6–1. A warm afternoon on a slippery field saw the Panthers concede an early goal with their midfielders running onto a through ball and scoring past Petra. Molly battled in the middle of the park, and Lucie thwarted their attackers on numerous occasions. However, we could not match their skill and speed off the ball and let in another 4 goals before the half time whistle. Some telling words from the coach over oranges, and the Panthers came out fired up for the second half, and scored a goal from a great run from Courtney whose first shot was parried by the keeper, but she followed up with a sweet right foot shot across the keeper into the roof of the net. A fantastic effort in the second half saw us only concede another goal, with Karori winning 6–1 at the final whistle.

Player of the day was Petra who stopped some great shots in the first half and ran her heart out in the second half. Also thanks to Courtney, Teagan and Amy B for helping out with the numbers.

— Keith Block