Results for 26-27 June

Saturday 26 June

7th Grade
Pukerua Falcons 4 NW Ferraris 5

8th Grade
Pukerua Morays 5 Wests Foxes 7
Pukerua Orcas 1 Onslow Patnas 4

10th Grade B
Wests Astros 1 Pukerua Sharks 2
Pukerua Barracudas 8 Tawa Rovers 1

12th Grade A
Karori Storm 2 Pukerua Stingrays 3

Sunday 27 June
11th Grade Girls
Pukerua Panthers 1 Onslow Madras 5
Pukerua Piranhas 3 Karori Firebolts 0

14th Grade Girls
NW Storm 3 Pukerua Firebirds 1

Match Reports

Pukerua Falcons 4 NW Ferraris 5
Go you little rippers, what a great game from the little champions!!

The whole team played well against equally matched opponents with the Falcons leading 3-1 at half time. The Ferraris fought back and the game was locked at 4-4 going into the final few minutes which left the parents on the sideline on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately the Ferraris scored in the closing minutes.

Jesse made a scorching break down the field and knocked it past the goal keeper to score a great goal - well done Jesse. Dylan scored a goal, and Mitchell scored twice!!!. We also had some near misses with Corban hitting the post.

The Ferraris scored their first goal of the season so it was a good result for their team also.

Congratulations to Mitchell who received a well deserved player of the day, scoring two goals, and defending well.

Well done to Paikia who received the special medal for some solid play.

Congratulations also to the rest of the little Falcons.

Go the Falcons!!

- David Hawkyard

Pukerua Bay Barracudas 8+ Tawa Rovers PB 1
What a game! We had no subs (Merrie in Florida, Olano on the Gold Coast and unfortunately Will bumped on the head at after-school and not allowed to play - we missed you, Will). So we had to take from the Sharks too just to field a full team (thanks Stu). So firstly a big thank you to Amari who played the whole game in goal and did us proud making sure the few times that Tawa shot on our goal they didn't score. So you might ask how did they score one against us - well, it was a goal out of the book - Amari took a goal kick and a big kick it was heading up into the air when it was caught by the freezing southerly and spun back towards goal, this took Amari quite reasonably by surprise and he did his best to deflect it, but it ultimately was an own goal - classic :)

We started with Louis, Conor and Kaea in attack, Ben, Sian and Dylan in defence and very quickly we saw a very beautiful game emerge. Time and again our players worked as a team using each other to move the ball ever closer to the Tawa goal, no one player hogging the ball or trying always to score, it really was awesome play. Our big kickers also worked hard at directing their strength to shoot on goal or pass directly or as a run on to another PB player. This meant that we didn't lose possession as much as we have in some games where our big kicks have gone straight to the opposing goalie. Conor and Kaea in particular really took on this aspect of their play. By half time I think the score was 3-1. We didn't move many of the players in the second half only shifting Ben up into L Strike and Conor back into R Defence. This seemed to work well and apart from a few players forgetting their positions occasionally we just walked away with the second half. Sadly one of the Tawa parents was so busy telling their captain how to play he became completely distracted from the game arguing with his Dad. This really highlighted to me the great spirit that our PB sideline sticks to encouraging both teams, recognising good play and bad luck on both sides and generally getting enthusiastic and excited. Yelling instructions at the kids is very rarely heard and can totally distract or upset them ruining their enjoyment of the game, so thanks PB parents for the great spirit you bring to the sideline each week. We'd agreed to shorten the second half as a number of the players were very cold and to be honest I did lose count of the final score. A great tussle in the goal mouth worthy of a world cup challenge drew the game to an earlier end as the goalie was accidentally injured and PB scored a final goal. Kaea reckoned we scored 14-1. Louis thought 11-1. If any of the parents counted please let me know LOL. We put it through to Capital Football as 8-1.

Players of the day were the whole team - it was a superb game, beautiful thinking team plays, good direction and control, no hesitation to seize every opportunity and play from the first to the final whistle. Dylan swept like a master all over the field, blocking attacks, scoring goals, passing to his team. Conor showed how much his fitness has come up by running the whole game, scoring goals and again some awesome team plays. Louis maintained a ruthless attack often either looking for and finding the cross into goal, chasing on the ball to score or passing to other players more likely to get it home. Kaea outran Tawa players and some strong defence came into play forcing corners where Tawa had thought they were in for a goal. Kaea also scored goals and used his team well. Ben had some superb shots on goal and took his game up a notch on previous matches, which was great to see. Players to get special mention were Amari for superb goal keeping and helping us out and to Sian for staying on the field and in the game despite being frozen!

Thanks to Sian's mum Lucy for oranges and post game treats.
Thanks to all the parents as above you are what bring the whole event together.

- Kate MacIntyre

Karori Storm 2 Pukerua Stingrays 3
Well, ideal weather for soccer. Cold wind, rain and mud (yeah, right). With a few players away, we re-shuffled a few positions and got down to work. Liam in goal, Arran at centre back and Blake at left back. Jordan filled in for us on the bench.

The boys finally started the game right from the first whistle. They dominated the play and virtually camped in the oppositions half. Goals were hard to come by due to the heavy conditions. James eventually got through the mud to score the first goal (nice celebration dive in the cold puddle). We continued the pressure with some of the best team passing I’ve seen this season. Blake, Zac and Oscar passing well down the left side, Gus controlling the mid-field and putting some wide angled passes in, plus a few individual runs into the box. After numerous shots and runs into the box, Gus eventually got around the defence and mud to score a good goal. Karori pulled one back just before half time.

With Zac coming off in the second half, Jordan went on the left wing, dropping Oscar back to midfield, another combination that worked pretty well. Another attack by Karori saw another goal squeeze inside the near post, Liam tried his best, but the wet slippery ball was hard to control. In the last five minutes Gus launched a good high ball to the near post from a free kick from the corner of the area, James ran in and connected with a good half volley 3-2. This was a goal out of the world cup text book. Goal of the season so far. Arran's tireless commitment yet again.

I refereed the second half and the only question asked continuously was, "how much time left?" as it was freezing.

Player of the day was Gus for his passing (vision), goal and midfield domination. Well done to all the boys for their performance in the conditions and the supporters.

- Chris Mooney

Results for 1-2 May

Saturday 1 May
7th Grade
Pukerua Falcons  0  Wests Pikes 8

8th Grade
Pukerua Orcas  1  NW Hawks  9
Wests Wolves  5  Pukerua Morays  1


10th Grade A
Pukerua Barracudas  2  NW Zoom  0 (Friendly)

10th Grade B
Pukerua Sharks  1  NW Shock  2

12th Grade A
Tawa Hawks  2  Pukerua Stingrays  6

Sunday 2 May
11th Grade Girls
Nth Wgtn Kiwis  1  Pukerua Piranhas  4
Pukerua Panthers  1  Karori Firebolts  6

14th Grade Girls
Pukerua Firebirds  0  Onslow Orari  1


Pukerua Falcons 0 Wests Pikes 8
It was another tough game this week against a Wests team who played well, and showed some great skills for such a young age.

The Falcons are improving with every game and each contributes in their own unique way.

Jesse was superb as goalkeeper in the first half, and also Harry in the second half who gave the ball a bit of a rough time with his head.

Mitchell, Morgan, and Paikea never stopped running, Hayley had some great runs down the middle, Austin was rock solid in defence, and Corban is now officially the big kick-off man.

Your kids all showed great character as they ran and tackled all the way to full time.

Dylan was player of the week with his tackling and running - well done.

A big thank you to all those who supported on the sideline, Morgan's Mum for the half time oranges, Mike for referring, and also AJ and Rachel.

— David Hawkyard

Pukerua Orcas 1 NW Hawks 9
Despite an effort full of heart, the Orcas were soundly beaten at the weekend with a 9–1 loss to the NW Hawks. The Orcas continue to develop their passing skills and there was some fantastic tackling and goal keeping efforts particularly from Laura, Fynn, Alistair and Thomas. Despite that, the Hawks showed better positional play that allowed them to get behind us and score the goals. Some valuable lessons to learn for the Orcas and something to work on in practice.

Player of the day went to Laura. She worked hard, ran around the pitch and tackled strongly.

— Ian Cowan

Wests Wolves 5 Pukerua Morays 1
It was a long tough game with no reserves to give anyone a rest, but everyone gave it their all. First half we fought into the wind and were down 0–2. It would've been more if not for some solid defence by all players and some great saves by Oscar as goalie. In the second half we had the wind at our backs, which helped us move forward, and the team capitalised with a goal put just over the line by Tommy.

Francis had to go off with a foot injury in the last few minutes. The Wolves gave us a fill in, but it broke up our combinations and they got two easy last-minute goals. Everyone played a great game, we had great defence and some good attacks with lots of passing and talking.

Player of the day: Oscar Mooney, great goalie in first half saving lots of goals

— Mark Orange

PB Barracudas v NW Zoom (Friendly) PB 2 NW 0
A well matched game and what a performance — with no subs we knew that each player would have to give 100% to this match. It was great that all the players were at the match in time to warm up, stretch which is really key to preventing injuries, and to get briefed on their position and key strategies for the game. In the first half we had Sian, Louis and Dylan in attack and Kaea, Olano and Will in defence with Ben protecting the goal. We played strongly, holding positions well and apart from one almost score from the Zooms we kept blocking their attack with our rock solid defence and after a great kick up the field from Kaea, Olano took us to 1–0 with a great goal.

After half time Ben, Kaea and Will moved up to attack, Sian, Dylan and Olano locked in our defence and Louis was in goal. While the kids were a bit more tired in this half I was proud to see them all keep going, great team talk, great attitude, superb headers from a number of the kids - Kaea was almost pile driven into the ground when he took one on! Dylan scored the second goal by taking a corner that the goalie went for but which resulted in an own goal — impressive work, Dylan.

Players of the day — the whole team! And in particular:
Kaea for a great strong game superb in defence and in stopper, working hard all over the field, and header of the game.
Dylan — goal from a corner kick. AWESOME! And a great game from start to finish — strong play, great passing and great strategy.
Thanks to Dylan's family for bringing the oranges and thanks to all the parents and grand parents and family for the sideline support and getting the kids there in time to warm up.

— Kate MacIntyre

Pukerua Bay Sharks 1 North Wellington Shock 2
The weather threatened to remind us that we play a winter sport, but we were very lucky and played in sunshine with a stiff wind. which we played into in the first half. We had all eight Sharks present for the game, which gave us one sub. We were captained today by Armari and started off with Caelon in goal and Jacob, Tabitha and Armari in defence. Alex and Reuben played out wide and Jordan up front. Heath replaced Reuben (who stayed on longer while Alex got over a mouth injury). The Shock started very strongly and we were camped in our own half and had to defend well. We had a couple of counter attacks, which got us in good positions, but no early goals. The Shock got their breakthrough from a corner, which bounced awkwardly off a couple of defenders before they shot one past Caelon. Heads stayed up and the Sharks showed some grit and played a lot more in the opposition half. Jordan got a goal back for us when he took on about four kids and won! Great stuff Jordan — we talked about being confident and try running around our opponents and shooting when the opportunity is there at practise. The Shock got their lead back shortly before halftime when we briefly backed off and gave them space to have some shots and missed a couple of chances to clear the ball away. The Sharks once again kept their heads up and saw the half out.

Oranges, water and they were back into it. Reuben went into goal, Armari and Heath stayed on the left, Tabitha and Alex on the right, Jordan and Jacob were in the middle and Caelon replaced Tabitha (who then had to go back on when Heath got a head injury). We unfortunately didn't get an equaliser in the second half, but using the wind we created a lot of chances and it was the Shock who had to rely on counter attacks. A couple of those almost saw the Shock score more, but Reuben made some solid saves. As a coach I was encouraged that we were still going forward hard at the final whistle — and the Shock were glad to hear that whistle. It was our first loss of the season, but the effort that the kids put into it was fantastic and they should be proud of themselves.

Players of the Day
Alex Connolly for playing what has been his best game to date. Bravely taking on defenders in attack and clearing strongly in defence and a positive attitude when injured in the first half.
Tabitha Batchelor who has impressed all season with her strong defending but today was good in defence and in her attacking running. Keep that effort up guys.

Thanks to Reuben's family for the oranges and to all the other parents for your usual enthusiastic support.

— Stu Connolly

Tawa Hawks 2 Pukerua Stingrays 6
Although the score suggests an easy match, it was not so. Tawa kept us on our toes and kept on attacking. A finely executed first goal was brought up from halfway by Blake, passed wide to left wing Oscar, who took it further up to put a fine through ball to Gus, who ran onto it nicely and scored. This showed that the Stingrays were here to play. The wet slippery conditions did not help our cause.

Three more goals (James, Gus & Oscar) saw us up 4–1 at half time. Tawa scored after a good break up field left us a few short in defence with the mid-field struggling to get back. Good defence and some particularly good saves by Alila helped us keep it to just one goal.

Second half was a bit of a ding-dong battle, trading two goals to one. James scored his second, then Blake finished off a goalmouth scramble. Tawa kept on coming back at us and Connor and Gerrard had their work cut out in defence to keep them at bay. A shot, which was saved by Alila, squirmed away in the wet and left them a tap in.

Player of the day was Connor Butler for his tireless defence, especially in the second half. The whole team put in their best in slippery conditions, well done.

— Chris Mooney

Pukerua Panthers 1 Karori Firebolts 6
The Panthers put in a spirited effort against Karori this week, but again went down 6–1. A warm afternoon on a slippery field saw the Panthers concede an early goal with their midfielders running onto a through ball and scoring past Petra. Molly battled in the middle of the park, and Lucie thwarted their attackers on numerous occasions. However, we could not match their skill and speed off the ball and let in another 4 goals before the half time whistle. Some telling words from the coach over oranges, and the Panthers came out fired up for the second half, and scored a goal from a great run from Courtney whose first shot was parried by the keeper, but she followed up with a sweet right foot shot across the keeper into the roof of the net. A fantastic effort in the second half saw us only concede another goal, with Karori winning 6–1 at the final whistle.

Player of the day was Petra who stopped some great shots in the first half and ran her heart out in the second half. Also thanks to Courtney, Teagan and Amy B for helping out with the numbers.

— Keith Block

Match reports 24-25 April

Wests Barracudas 2 PKB Falcons 2
Wow, what a difference one week makes. The game resulted in a 2–2 all draw with goals to Hayley in the first few minutes, and then to Mitchell later on.

The kids ran, tackled, scored goals, and looked like they were having so much fun. Every player looked much more confident in their second outing and they should be very proud of themselves. It must have been Rachel telling the kids to treat the ball like an Easter egg and to not let it go, and we know how they like chocolate.

Well done to our player of the day this week, Harry, who was outstanding in goal in the first half stopping everything that came his way. Well done Harry!!

Thanks to all the parents who showed their support by turning up.

— David Hawkyard

Wests Suns 1 Pukerua Bay Barracudas 2
The kids took a minutes silence to mark ANZAC day and then it was game on. This was an exciting game that looked alarming early on before the Barracudas started applying what we have been talking about in practices and game strategy and strengthen up a tight defence. This is exactly what we have been looking for. An early break saw the Suns score off our goal kick. The Barracudas did not lose confidence or momentum at this early set back, but stepped up, locked in their defence much more strongly and took every chance they could to score as well. Thanks to Caeleon for playing for us this week, as well as his own team, the Sharks. And to the three Barracudas, Will, Kaea and Louis, who gave our game their all despite having played at 100% for the Sharks already. We started with Conor in goal, Sian (Captain), Dylan and Olano defending, and Merrie, Will and Ben in attack. Subs Kaea, Caelon and Louis replaced our attack line. In this half we saw the play of the day; a cross in corner from Louis that Olano took on as a superb header on goal. Although it missed, everyone on the sideline recognised this for the great teamwork and play that it was. Awesome!

Our team were great at looking for each other in attack and passing to each other, and this saw Louis set up by his team to score, so we were 1–1 at half time. Oranges, water — drunk and tipped over heads — and the boost to confidence that realising they could score creates, and we were back on. In the second half Olano took on goalie, Ben, Caelon and Merrie defence and Conor, Louis and Sian in attack. Kaea, Will and Dylan itched to get back out there on the sideline and came on as subs renewed to take the game home. We saw the whole team thinking, defending, using the sideline time and again and locking in strong defence, as well as breaking away, including two of the defence line to power in on goal attacks, and then race back to protect and support Olano in goal. This was a really well matched team for us, and the game showed the Barracudas that they can do it. All who played merited Player of the Day and as usual Will was in there keen to second guess who I would choose.

Players of the Day were:
Olano — such a strong game defender in the first half who took that strength into attacks and ran back time and again, and without his great goal keeping the score could have been quite different — Olano you did us proud! :)
Merrie — Merrie showed us all just what she can do when she is let loose. Merrie had two shots on goal that nearly got home (and this was seizing opportunity from defence in once case). She played full on and superbly the whole game. Outstanding Merrie — keep it up :)
Ben — Ben shone today. He showed real strength and determination and skill in attack, strong passing and later in defence he kept that tough locked down defence in place. Well done Ben. :)

Many thanks to Kaea's parents who did the oranges and to all the parents and family on the sideline — it really means heaps to the kids to have you there and supporting them.

— Kate MacIntyre

Wests Suns 0 Pukerua Bay Sharks 1
This was a very evenly contested game as the score suggests. With two of our players away and another only available for the second half we only would have been able to field 5 in the first half! Thankfully the Barracudas loaned us three to make up the numbers. And after observing a minutes silence for ANZAC Day the kids were into it. Kaea in goal, Tabitha(captain), Will and Jacob made up the defence and Louis, Reuben and Armari were our midfielders and attackers. Heath replaced Armari as the first sub. Wests came at us early and we were camped inside our own half and had to rely on counter attacks for most of the first half. One of those counter attacks saw Louis squeeze a shot through the goalie and we went one up. Heath got flattened and winded by a ball in his guts, but to his credit got up and got back into it.

Half-time and water and oranges reignited the kids. Caelon took the field in attack and Jacob and Louis sat out the start of the second half until Will and Kaea came off. Armari went into goal. We had more play in the opposition's half, but couldn't get a goal despite lots of good moves forward. The defensive line throughout the game were exceptional and they joined in attacks when possible but the speed getting back to defend was simply amazing and as a coach very encouraging to see.

No goals in the second half at all, but it was still exciting to watch and the positive talking to each other and encouragement is a great thing to see.

The last five minutes saw us defending quite a bit, but good clearing and sweeping by Jacob and remembering to use the sideline as a friend got us through.

Players of the day:
Heath for getting outside his comfort zone and bravely playing on through two injuries
Jacob for amazing energy and effort especially on debut.

Thanks to Kate MacIntyre for refereeing first half, Heath's family for supplying half-time oranges, and the families on the sideline encouraging the whole team.

— Stu Connolly

Wests Wildcats 1 PKB Stingrays 10
Another fine result for the Stingrays. Although we had most of the play in the first half, we were continuously stifled by the West’s goalkeeper, who kept them in the match early on. Two goals by Gus gave us a 2-0 lead at half time, although numerous attacks were foiled by their goalkeeper. To our surprise they changed their goalkeeper at half time and the flood-gates opened. Five in a row by James, another two by Gus and one through Jack Mac showed this team's determination. Once again, a complete team performance from goal keeper to striker. These guys are just boiling with enthusiasm.

Player of the Day was James for continuously applying pressure and putting his chances away. It's pleasing to see the passing developing and, once again, getting stuck into the tackles.

The support were once again vocal and the entertainment supplied by the boys. Thanks Clint for refereeing 2nd half and Paul for running the line. (Paul I’ll try to stay in the technical area next time. :)

— Chris Mooney

Pukerua Bay Piranhas 1 Nth Wellington Kiwis 6
The second game for the 11th grade girls and another loss, sadly. It has been great to see an improvement in skills and fitness from last week, and as this is the first time many of the players have played football, I was impressed. Kiwis went up 1–0 from a penalty kick after a hand ball in the box, but we went straight up the other end and equalised from a thunderous strike from Molly. Kiwis snatched a second goal just before half time. A change in goalkeepers and Harriet leaving to join the Panthers left us with only five players and we struggled in the second half. North Wellington had a fantastic player who scored direct from a corner and from a throw in, but a couple of own goals by us late on made the scoreline flattering for them.

When their best player left the field the teams looked even and we matched their skills.

Player of the day went to Lucy who defended well and helped keep the scoreline to six.

— Keith Block

Draw for 1-2 May

Saturday 1 May
Pukerua Falcons vs Wests Pikes - Greenmeadows (10am)

Pukerua Orcas vs NW Hawks - Greenmeadows (11am)
Wests Wolves vs Pukerua Morays - Kura 3 (11am)

10th GRADE A
Pukerua Barracudas vs NW Zoom - Plimmerton 1 (11am) Friendly

10th GRADE B
Pukerua Sharks vs NW Shock - Plimmerton 2 (11am)

12th GRADE C
Tawa Hawks vs Pukerua Stingrays - Grenada Nth 1 (10.45)

Sunday 2 May
Nth Wgtn Kiwis vs Pukerua Piranhas - Nairnville 2B (10am)
Pukerua Panthers vs Karori Firebolts - Nairnville 2A (11am)

Pukerua Firebirds vs Karori Porto Onslow Orari - Nairnville 1A (11am) (Karori has defaulted both games, so we are now playing Onslow)

Results for 24-25 April

Saturday 24 April
7th Grade
Wests Barracudas    2    Pukerua Bay Falcons    2

8th Grade
NW Tigers    vs    Pukerua Bay Orcas
Pukerua Bay Morays    vs    Tawa Storm

10th Grade A
Wests Stars    1    Pukerua Bay Barracudas    2

10th Grade B
Wests Suns    0    Pukerua Bay Sharks    1

12th Grade C
Wests Wildcats    1    Pukerua Bay Stingrays    10

Sunday 25 April
11th Grade Girls
Pukerua Bay Piranhas    1    Nth Wgtn Kiwis    6
Pukerua Bay Panthers    10    Onslow Madras    1

14th Grade Girls
Pukerua Bay Firebirds    2    NW Storm    3

Match reports 17-18 April

PKB Falcons 0 Wests Turtles 8
The Falcon's first match was character building. The Turtles, who already had their first season under their belts, out played us. However, the Falcons never gave up. They worked hard, had some fun and played like it was their first ever game of soccer. Hayley had an impressive first half in goal; she was focussed and determined and saved many goals. The Falcons received awesome support from their many fans and are looking forward to their second game of soccer.

Player of the Day: Hayley

- Rachel Hall

PKB Barracudas 0 North Wellington Dynamos 7
It was great to have the Barracudas and Sharks games back to back in same venue for the first game of the season and we appreciated the kids and parents who settled in for the whole timeframe - sideline support was awesome.

Excitement was huge and great to see most of the team arrived in time to warm up, kitted out and all set to go, that makes the warm up and focus so much easier. :)

Will captained the Barracudas and took on the role well - staying positive, directing play and never flagging as he was all over the field, starting in sweeper and then playing stongly in goal in the second half. As well as Will, the players from last year's team - Merrie, Alex, Louis, Conor and Dylan all showed a developed and stronger game from last year with a good understanding of some of the tactics and strategy. New players Olano, Kaea, Ben and Sian all gave the game their all, working hard. These four have to learn the game and positions, tactics, strategy and roles, but we saw great attitude, good effort and some skills that will really develop as we move into the season from them.

We started strongly in the first quarter with some strong shots on goal and a really humming enthusiasm from the kids. In the second and third quarters our defence was broken through - seven times in total but the score belies the fact that these teams were quite well matched. Our shots on goal missed, and theirs didn't. We also lost a bit of confidence as they kept scoring and then suddenly we got our mojo back and in the final quarter we saw a stronger game and team and a driving attitude take us to a strong finish with some more shots on goal, which unfortunately missed. At this stage we are not focused on the score - rather on building a strong team who have fun and are learning.

Thanks to Stu Connolly for refereeing half the match so I could concentrate on the kids play and the sideline subs being ready to go. Thanks to all the parents watching and supporting us - the kids do hear you and they love you being there.

Congratulations to all the Barracudas - Stu and I were stoked to see how well everyone ran and to think how we are going to see them all come on over the season.

Players of the day - Sian for great determination and courage tackling a player the size of Conor without flinching and for applying some of what we had talked about in practice in her game much larger players. Will for such a strong hard working game, great attitude and some great saves in goal in the second half.

- Kate MacIntyre

PKB Sharks 3 North Wellington Fever 1
As usual at the start to the season, every player was keen to get out there and have a go. Caelon as captain played an important role as "stopper" or central attacking midfield and was a good motivator throughout the game. Doing lots of positive talking to his teammates. The defensive lineup was made up of Armari on the left, Tabitha on the right, and Jordan as sweeper with Connor in goal. Heath and Alex were the wide midfielders, replaced in the first round of substitutions by Reuben and Louis.

From the whistle we started working well as a team and cleared the ball from our goal very well. When we went in attack we looked strong and had a few early chances, which were well saved and defended by the opposition. Our defence were reading the game well and a most impressive debut for Jordan saw him intercept attack after attack, and Tabitha and Armari were always close by for support. One attack did get through and we missed our opportunity to clear it for a corner and they squeezed a shot between Connor and his near post. The Sharks heads' stayed up and they got back into playing in the Fevers' half and strung some great attacks together, with great passing from the defenders to midfielders to forwards, and we got our well deserved equalising goal through Louis shortly before halftime.

Alex went into goal for the second half and Heath returned to his left wing role. Louis, Armari, Jordan and Caelon kept their positions and Reuben moved into defence, Connor and Tabitha replaced Armari and Jordan in the last substitution.

Whistle went and the kids, boosted by water and just getting a goal, steamed into it. The defence joined the attack when they could. Lots of pressure in the midfield and upfront, and quality defending when needed, gave us the platform to add two more goals in the second half (both to Louis to get his hatrick). The defence did a good job, so Alex was pretty quiet in goal but he was called on to make two important saves. Jordan and Armari ran themselves into the ground and Connor and Tabitha replaced them and we saw the clock run down and the final whistle go.

Thanks to Kate MacIntyre and Mark Orange for refereeing and to all the parents watching and supporting us. Hi fives all round to the team - Kate and myself are proud of all of you.

Players of the day - Louis for his 3 goals and Jordan for his amazing energy around the field.

Very special thanks to Alex, Louis and Connor for playing 2 games back to back. Thats what being a Shark/Barracuda is all about :-)

- Stu Connelly

PKB Stingrays 5 Karori Storm 2
Wow! What a good first up result. For a match that looked pretty even early on, a 2-0 half time lead was pleasing. The Stingrays purely took more of their chances. Early in the second half we gave Karori a bit of a sniff and let them back into the game to score two goals. In the final 15 minutes, the tackling, passing and two more goals for the Stingrays put the game out of their reach. This was a fine display from defence right through to attack. The entire team came to play!

It was particularly pleasing to see 4 different players on the score sheet and a good defence to back it up. A few players were running out of puff, and as the season goes on, we will work on the fitness.

Player of the day was Arran (left back) who tackled his heart out and virtually put their right wing out of the game. Thank you to all the parents, family and friends for all the vocal support, this is great for our kids and they will provide the entertainment. Also thanks to Clint for refereeing and the parents assistance with nets and corner flags.

- Chris Mooney

Draw for 24-25 April

Saturday 24 April

Wests Barracudas vs Pukerua Bay Falcons - Waihora 2 (11am)
(Waihora Park is on Waihora Crescent in Porirua East. Google map)

NW Tigers vs Pukerua Bay Orcas - Grenada Nth J1 (11am)
Pukerua Bay Morays vs Tawa Storm - Greenmeadows (11am)
(Grenada Nth J1 is on the lower field. Access is off Caribbean Drive.)

10th GRADE A

Wests Stars vs Pukerua Bay Barracudas - Ngatitoa 2 (10am)

10th GRADE B
Wests Suns vs Pukerua Bay Sharks - Ngatitoa 2 (9am)

12th GRADE C
Wests Wildcats vs Pukerua Bay Stingrays - Endeavour 2 (10.45)

Sunday 25 April
Pukerua Bay Panthers vs Nth Wgtn Kiwis - Nairnville Turf Nth (1pm)
Pukerua Bay Piranhas vs Onslow Madras - Nairnville Turf Sth (1pm)

Pukerua Bay Firebirds vs NW Storm - Nairnville 2A (1pm)

Results for 17-18 April

Saturday 17 April
Pukerua Bay Falcons 0 Wests Turtles 8

Pukerua Orcas 6 Wests Bears 2
Wests Hyenas 7 Pukerua Morays 1

10th GRADE A
Pukerua Barracudas 0 North Wgtn Dynamos 7

10th GRADE B
Pukerua Sharks 3 North Wgtn Fever 1

12th GRADE A
Pukerua Stingrays 5 Karori Storm 2

Sunday 18 April
Onslow Hekes 7 Pukerua Piranhas 1
Onslow Madras 1 Pukerua Panthers 0

Onslow Orari 6 Pukerua Firebirds 2

Draw for 17-18 April

Saturday 17 April  
Pukerua Bay Falcons vs Wests Turtles - Greenmeadows (10am)  

Pukerua Orcas vs Wests Bears - Greenmeadows (11am)
Wests Hyenas vs Pukerua Morays - Kura 3 (11am)
Kura field is on Kura Street in Titahi Bay (Google maps)  

Pukerua Barracudas vs North Wgtn Dynamos - Ngatitoa 2 (9am)  

10th GRADE B
Pukerua Sharks vs North Wgtn Fever - Ngatitoa 2 (10am)  

12th GRADE A
Pukerua Stingrays vs Karori Storm - Ngatitoa (10.45)

Sunday 18 April  
Onslow Hekes vs Pukerua Piranhas - Nairnville 1 (12pm)
Onslow Madras vs Pukerua Panthers - Nairnville 2 (12pm)  

Onslow Orari vs Pukerua Firebirds - Nairnville Turf Sth (3pm)

2010 player registrations due

The 2010 soccer season will be starting in just over two months - the first games will be on April 17th. So, it's time to register your child with your local club.

You can download our 2010 registration form here.

Please return this form as soon as possible, along with the subscription money.

Sadly, we have had to increase the fees (again) this year to $55 per player in the Saturday grades and to $60 for the Sunday morning girls' teams. Capital Football has increased its registration fees by 5% and we have to pass that on. The Sunday girls' teams' fees have increased more than the others because the $10/player "turf fee" Wellington City Council charges for using the artificial turf is now included in the registration fee for the team (instead of the gold coin donation system used last year).

Key dates for season:

15 March - teams finalised by club
19 March - last day to register teams with Capital Football
17 April - first game of season

Girls' competition

Capital Football will run the popular Sunday girls' league again this year, and is extending it to under-14 (U14) teams. This means the under-12 team that played last year can continue playing. There will now be four age groups: U8, U10, U12 and U14.