Results for 31 May

A fair set of results for the younger players (apart from the Dolphins, who came up against some very tough opponents). There was a great deal of disappointment for the Sharks and Rangers, when all the games in the 12th-16/17th grades were cancelled because so many Wellington fields were in such bad condition from the previous week. (They must have been really bad as four senior soccer grades and a bunch of rugby grades also cancelled). 8th GRADE: Nth Wgtn Zoom 1 Pukerua Bay Skinks 1 The girls had a good close game with a 1-1 draw. They made good progress with their passing, tackling and positional play. The first half ended at 0-0. North Wellington scored late in the match, however, Teagan scored an excellent goal to equalize with just two minutes left. There was great work in defence by Mary Lynn, Lucy and Harriet. Maia and Lucy also kept goal well, particularly their goal kicks, as well as making some good saves. Courtney S ran and ran all match in mid-field. Teagan and Amy were dangerous in attack, working together to set up the goal. Player of the Day: Maia. Coach's special Award: Courtney D for battling on after injury. Tawa Huskies 15(?) Pukerua Bay Dolphins 0 A very tough opponent for the dolphins, after last week's excellent game. Another team that had a core of players who have been playing together for more than one season. In the first half our defence couldn't stop the quick attacking play of the Huskies. Tabitha B tried hard in goal but lots of missed tackles and a lack of confidence by the Dolphins in defence when trying to clear the ball meant we were down 5-0 early. We put on an extra player and managed to make some good counter attacking moves, which saw Meredith and Rees come close to scoring. Three more goals to the huskies before half-time and we played our full team for the whole of the second half. Meredith didn't stop running the whole game and had a couple of excellent runs, which tested the Huskies' defence. A few sloppy goals let in late in the game sealed the day for the Dolphins. Player of the day: Meredith Metcalfe. 10th GRADE A: Nth Wgtn Jets 2 Pukerua Bay Stingrays 2 A close and exciting game. The Stingrays played extremely well considering the state of the Alex Moore pitch, which had very little grass and was slippery with boggy patches. This tended to curtail the Stingrays' wide passing game and, although they had the bulk of possession throughout the match, it was always going to be difficult under the conditions to be keep their feet enough to score a lot. That said, the two goals they scored - courtesy of Angus - were excellent and just reward for sustained attacks on the opposition goal. All the defensive players had really solid games also with the Jets' two goals both coming from long range shots that dipped under the crossbar. I think everyone is impressed with the amount of effort everyone in the team is putting into these Saturday games. They are really competing for the ball throughout the match and playing with a lot of determination, skill and heart from the start, right up to the final whistle. Well done guys! Players of the day: Angus - for hard work in the midfield and accuracy in front of goal. Blake - for excellent and physical defence. 11th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Barracudas 2 Wests Rovers 3 A close and even game, with the dominance changing several times during the match. The team work was good throughout, with good passing. It was really pleasing to see players setting up opportunities for their team mates to have shots at goal. The Barracudas dominated for the last 10-15 minutes, and had numerous shots at goal, hitting the wood a few times and going a bit wide. They were very unlucky to the equalise (or win). Player of the day: Jack for nice passing. 12th GRADE B Miramar Dynamoes vs Pukerua Bay Sharks - Cancelled 15th GRADE B Wgtn College E vs Pukerua Bay Rangers - Cancelled