Results for 28 June

8th GRADE Onslow Kims 8 Pukerua Bay Dolphins 1 It wasn't until quite late in the second half that the Dolphins pulled off their first goal of the season. Louis Bailey drove home a goal, passed up to him from Reese in goal, through a number of the team and on to Louis to score. The team and the parents went wild and it was great to see the inspiration this was to all the kids as they realised what a goal feels like. That energy was apparent as Louis and Meredith came close to getting 1-2 more goals that were stopped by the Kims' goalie. We are seeing continued improvement in all the players as they make sense of the game and how to play it. It was a muddy game and it was great to see those who got down in the mud get up and carry on (even the ref!). The Kims were quick off the mark and scored a number of goals by strong attack on our goal kicks, so we'll be working on that at practices. Players of the day were Bruce for keeping to his position and getting onto the ball - well done a great improvement over the season; Louis Bailey for the first team goal of the season and a strong all-round game; and Tabitha Batchelor for some superb strong defence that prevented the Kims scoring more and also a great effort when up in attack. Well done Dolphins. Onslow Raroas 4 Pukerua Bay Skinks 2 This was a really good match - everybody got wet but they all had a lot of fun. After a good, even start, the score stood at 1-1 at half time. Unfortunately, Onslow pulled away in the second half to get a win. Amy and Courtenay S got the goals for the Skinks. Player of the day was Mary Lynn, and the special award went to Hazel. 10th GRADE A Tawa Harriers 1 Pukerua Bay Stingrays 6 The Stingrays made a storming start to this match stringing together some excellent passing movements right throughout the team and finishing with real effect in front of goal. They really stretched the Harriers' defence by taking the ball wide and combined this with good accurate crosses for the Stingrays attackers to latch on to, and they were 5-nil up by half time. Some of the passing leading up to the goals and the striking was of real quality.The defence was also rock solid controlling the midfield, shutting down any Tawa attacks early, and working really well as a unit. It was also great to see the players starting to head the ball in the match, both in defence and attack. The second half had the Stingrays creating a lot of opportunities, but not quite finishing them off as they did in the first half. A rare goal mouth misunderstanding led to the Harriers getting a goal late in the game and the Stingrays finished in style with a deserved goal for their 2nd half efforts. Player of the Day: the whole team for an excellent performance. 11th, 12th & 15th grade games were all cancelled.