Results for 21 June

8th GRADE Nth Wgtn Chaos 5 Pukerua Bay Dolphins 0 While it might not look it this score is a vast improvement on the first game against Chaos, which the Dolphins lost 10-2 (only scoring the two goals after swapping two players at half time). We had three players away - Meredith, Bruce and Tabitha B - and we were very grateful for the ring-in short notice help from Ollie Markwell and his cousin Freddy. This time against Chaos it was exciting to see the Dolphins go out and play like a real thinking team in the first half. We had a few shots at goal, which unfortunately missed but were a great improvement on a tendency the team has to take the ball up and then wait allowing the opposing goalie to get the ball rather than drive in a shot for goal. We saw good passing, calling and team play, but confidence and energy seemed to ebb for the Dolphins in the second half and we finished with five goals scored against us. It needs to be remembered we were playing with one player with a half-healed foot injury, three of our players away, and two younger players who haven't faced this level of competition nor played with the Dolphins before. So with that in mind, it was a great effort from all those who played and keep up the fitness, skills development and thinking about how you play as a team. Players of the day - Alex Connolly for despite a major injury last week playing a great first half in goal and then good all round play in the second half, Ollie and Freddy Markwell for helping us out and a great first effort in a highly competitive game. Pukerua Bay Skinks 2 Nth Wgtn Impact 3 The girls played a close gutsy game of soccer against this team. Amy scored a couple of ripper goals, one after the other in the first half. She attacked like a champion all game, with the support of her team mates, receiving some great passes. The score at half time was 2-2. We continued to play well in the second half but, although we had many close shots on goal, we didn't quite manage to score again. Harriet was our stand out defender - demonstrating lots of great positional play, tackling and clearances. Every one put lots of energy into this game. Well done the Skinks! Player of the day- Harriet Cook. Special award- Amy Hunter. 10th GRADE A Pukerua Bay Stingrays 3 Nth Wgtn United 0 Another solid game by the Stingrays in which they always looked in control. North Wellington were very organised in defence and also had a goalie who wasn't afraid to leave his line to shut down potential shots. Ngatitoa 1A and 1B pitches are also a lot longer in length than the other pitches we have been playing on, which had an effect on the players' positioning on the field and the links between defence and attack. It took a while for the Stingrays to get on the scoreboard, but the pressure finally told with a great left foot shot from Johnny. They were 2-nil up at halftime and continued to press forward in the 2nd half with some good passing, nice runs down the wings, and some excellent crosses coming in. Angus then scored with a powerful low shot into the corner to end the scoring.Once again all the Stingrays players worked effectively all game to shut down any of United attacks. United's best opportunity near the end was stopped by a nice parrying save at close range by Elroy and then the return shot well blocked off the goal line by Jack. Players of the Day: Johnny & Elroy. Thanks also to Chris Mooney for refereeing. 11th GRADE C Pukerua Bay Barracudas 1 Olympic Iris 4 By all account, this was a pretty even game, marred by the Barracudas letting in three soft goals. Pity, as it could have been a draw. 12th GRADE B IBU Mokis 2 Pukerua Bay Sharks 4 The sky was blue, but it was very cool with a sometimes strong but always blustery northerly screaming across Wakefield Park. The Sharks were fortunate to win the toss, and Hannah (today's captain) made a wise decision to play with the wind. The Sharks took a little while to settle down and were scrappy to start with, as indeed were the Mokis in their first game after being promoted to Section B. However, after about ten minutes the Sharks started getting their passes to feet, and with Dominic, Josh, Clarrie and Zac popping up all over the place, it wasn't long before Andrew scored the first goal of the game. This gave the Sharks their confidence back, and the midfield joined in the fun, with Logan, Fraser and Sam (who was playing all over the field!) getting stuck in. There was plenty of excellent passing during this stage of play, and Andrew scored another two goals before half time to claim his third hat trick of the season (and his second was a beauty!). Jake and Hannah in defence had very little to do, and Robert in goal only touched the ball three times. The second half was going to be a lot harder for the Sharks playing into the wind, but early on it looked like they were going to bag a few more goals when Robert scored a well taken goal from what was almost a set piece from kick-off. For the next ten minutes or so the game settled down with the Mokis beginning to put some attacks together to put our defence under pressure. About this time the Sharks gave away the first of several handballs, but this one was on the edge of the box. The Mokis took a tremendous free kick, and Logan made a terrific save to put the ball over the bar - good football! After this the Mokis kept up the pressure, which the Sharks exacerbated at times by getting in each others' way when trying to clear, and these errors eventually led to the Mokis scoring two good goals. At the other end of the park the Sharks were still able to put good attacks together, but over-enthusiasm meant that two goals (both scored by Zac) were disallowed for being offside. Overall, this was another very good game for the Sharks, with continual improvement game-on-game, particularly the passing. Player of the Day was Zac for working really hard throughout the game; and best effort of the day was to Fraser, who by recent standards had a quiet game, but he was there when it mattered. 15th GRADE B Pukerua Bay Rangers 10 Tawa Reds 0 A reasonable win to the Rangers, and one that will be remembered for two of the best (possibly flukiest) goals seen for a while. The Rangers played with a stiff wind in the first half and the first goal came at one of the many corners they forced on Tawa. Guest player Abel took the shot from the left hand corner and delivered a high curving ball towards the far corner of the goal. The wind caught it and swept in through the keeper's hands and straight into the net. It would have been a dangerous shot anyway, but with the wind behind it, it was superb. The goals came regularly in the first half and the second great goal came in the final minutes of the spell. Peter did a high bicycle kick over his head from the edge of the penalty area, straight in front of the goal. Once again, the wind caught it and swept it over the keeper's head and into the net, while Peter lay sprawled on the turf. Great stuff! The Rangers were up 6-0 at half time, but the score would have been higher if it hadn't been for some committed saves by Tawa's first half keeper. Tawa were also unlucky to have a possible goal disallowed when a striker ran offside to receive the ball. The second half wasn't too flash, although the Rangers scored another four goals. Playing into the wind was harder work, and the Rangers went off the boil for a good 20 minutes or more. Passing was lacklustre and there was none of the sparkle they so often show. Tawa were unlucky to give away a couple of good scoring chances by going offside. However, the Rangers spent more time on attack then defence. And Abel had a lot of fun in goal, running out of the box on a number of occasions to challenge attackers. Talk about confident! Goals went to Abel (1), Luke (4), Peter (3), Tim (1 - his first for the season) and Cam (1).