Results for 14 June

8th GRADE: Pukerua Bay Dolphins 0 Nth Wgtn Fever 8 What the score doesn't show is that we saw the Dolphins really start to play and think like a team. There was great calling for the ball, much more spreading out and sticking to positions, some good looking around, and well placed goal kicks and throw ins. Some superb and courageous tackling and defending. Reuben played goal in the first half and Meredith in the second. Both goalies made lots of great saves that prevented Fever scoring more than they got. Player of the Day Louis Bailey Pukerua Bay Skinks 4 Wests Suns 5 This was a very close, exciting match. The girls all stepped up and played an excellent attacking game with lots of shots on goal as well as some very good defensive play. Teagan, Courtney S and Maia scored a goal each in the first half bringing the half time score to 3-1. The Sun's arrival of a key player during half time resulted in two quick goals scored against us early in the second half. However, Maia blasted a goal into the corner to put us into the lead 4-3 shortly before full time. Unfortunately there was a discrepancy with the time keeping and the Suns scored two more goals after full time to put them into the lead. However it was still an excellent match. Thank you to Courtney D who volunteered to play for the other team in the first half and Mary Lynn in the second half - you both played very well! Player of the Day: Courtney for amazing energy, speed and many excellent attacks on goal. Special Award: Maia for also showing great energy and dedication. 10th GRADE A: Pukerua Stingrays 6 Wests Herons 2 Similar to last week's game the Stingrays started strongly from the outset and dominated the first 15 min of the game, scoring three nice goals. Then (probably for the first time this season) they were just a bit casual when competing for the ball and the Herons came back with two goals before half time. After a bit of a regroup at the break the Stingrays came out again strongly at the start of the second half and really dominated the rest of the game across the whole park scoring three more excellent goals. What was really pleasing about this match from a coach's perspective was that at half time we talked about the need to be first to the ball, especially in defence and midfield, and all the players responded really well and everyone lifted their game back up again. Well done guys - a great effort. Players of the day: Jack and Noa. 11th GRADE B: Seatoun Lions 6 Pukerua Bay Barracudas 0 The Barracudas were down to the bare 11 team members with three members away, so no subs for tired players during the game. The started the first half playing uphill (!) and into the wind, against a better team. The muddy field slowed things down, and by half-time the Barracudas were down 4-0. However, they picked up in the second half, challenging Seatoun and contesting the ball a bit more. They even had a few chances to score by breaking away into the opposition's danger zone, but weren't able to finish off. Player of the day was Samuel for good work in midfield (a change from his normal position in defence). 12th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Sharks 0 Porirua Pukeko 8 Not a good day for us - an 8-0 defeat by a much too strong Porirua Pukeko who should probably be in the Promo league. This was a re-run of last year's game, with a much stronger and very skillful girl dominating the game, particularly in the first half. The first half was really hard work for the Sharks; not only did they have to contend with the northerly, but also the whirlwind that was the Pukeko, and a failure to play cohesively. Robert played really well in goal to deny them many more goals than the five they put in by half-time, but defensively and in midfield we were really poor and deserved to be behind. The second half was much much better, and Robert came out with his usual gusto, which seemed to lift the Sharks a bit and put Porirua on the back foot at times. The Sharks started putting some good passing together, and a combination of strong defending by Porirua, and lack of numbers in attack denied us any real scoring opportunities. Porirua scored three goals in the second half, though these were a lot less convincing than those in the first half and didn't really reflect the run of play. I am really proud of how the Sharks came out and played in the second half - they could have given up but they didn't, and credit to everyone for just trying so hard and putting some good attacking moves together. What to work on for training? Getting to the ball first and not waiting for it, and first touch control (there's not point kicking thin air!). Player of the day was Logan for a good second half performance in goal, and especially his excellent penalty save and subsequent clearance, which so nearly resulted in a goal for us. 15th GRADE B: St Pats White 2 Pukerua Bay Rangers 10 The Rangers dished out another resounding defeat to an under-strength St Pats side, which had to borrow two of our players in each half just to make up the full 11. The scoring started pretty early from the Rangers, but St Pats were no pushover, and gave us some anxious moments on attack. Hamish B did at least three excellent saves, diving at the feet of an attacker to smother the ball as they were about to shoot. By half-time, the Rangers were 5-1 up. The second half continued the one-way scoring, with some superb goals from the very confident and controlled Rangers forwards, including one goal headed in by Hamish M from a superb corner kick from Luke. St Pats contested well in the midfield, but found it very hard to get through our defence to even have a shot at goal, although their second half goal was a great left foot shot at the end of a good crossing manoeuvre. However, their defence could not keep out our attack, with strong crossing, good possession and accurate shooting from all points around the goal box. The final score was probably higher than 10 for the Rangers, but the ref lost count at one point in the second half :-|.