Draw for 31 May

8th GRADE: Tawa Huskies vs Pukerua Bay Dolphins - Grenada Nth J1 (11am) Nth Wgtn Zoom vs Pukerua Bay Skinks - Churton 2 (11am) 10th GRADE A: Nth Wgtn Jets vs Pukerua Bay Stingrays - Alex Moore 3 (11am) 11th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Barracudas vs Wests Rovers - Postgate (11am) 12th GRADE B: Miramar Dynamoes vs Pukerua Bay Sharks - Miramar 1 (10.45) 15th GRADE B: Wgtn College E vs Pukerua Bay Rangers - Anderson (10.45) (Anderson Park is by the rose gardens in the Wgtn Botanical Gardens)

Results for 24 May

8th GRADE: Pukerua Bay Dolphins 0 Porirua Angels 1 This was a fantastic game. The teams were well matched and the game moved all over the pitch. Alex and Reuben tried out the sweeper position and both did a great job of defending attacks from the other team. Any of the players subbed off were begging to get back on almost as soon as they came off. We had a number of shots at goal and so did the Angels, with one of theirs getting through in the second half. A great fun game well played by all. Player of the day was Reece for superb goal keeping in the first half and great attacking in the second. Pukerua Bay Skinks 0 Nth Wgtn Power 5 10th GRADE A: Pukerua Bay Stingrays 4 Tawa Harriers 0 A really solid game by the Stingrays. They started with a roar and were one up early on, and went very close to scoring again in the first half, hitting the posts a number of times. The great teamwork and passing continued after half-time, netting a further three goals. Tawa came back strong in the last couple of minutes but some great defence and goalkeeping kept them scoreless. Player of the day - Katie. 11th GRADE B: Nth Wgtn Sharks 1 Pukerua Bay Barracudas 2 12th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Sharks 3 Karori Rappers 2 After last week's relatively easy game this was a reality check that the Sharks proved equal to. After winning the toss the Sharks chose to play into the wind which may well have helped us win the match. The Sharks had the better of the first half and played some fast-paced football. As with last week the passing was superb through midfield into attack, and it was a very well-struck 'banana' shot by Robert to finish off an attacking move that gave us a one-nil lead at half time. It wasn't a one-sided half at all, though, and Andrew was kept very busy in goal. The second half started off with the Rappers scoring a very quick and well taken goal, taking full advantage of the wind (and some inattention on our part). Fortunately, the Sharks came back almost immediately with what seems to be becoming a bit of a trademark goal from the restart, with Sam, Robert and Andrew stringing some smart passes together ending with Andrew scoring our second goal. After this the Rappers began to camp in our half, and one of their defenders moved up and proved to be more than a handful and dancing (almost literally!) around multiple tackles to make some good shooting opportunities. Fortunately for us this lad often took on a bit too much, and Hannah, Dom, Fraser and Jake between them kept him and the rest of the attack out at the last moment. Eventually, however, the Rappers scored a second goal to draw level. I thought that the Rappers were going to get another goal or two, but the Sharks never gave up, and by continuing to play a good passing game and by moving quickly Robert was put through to score what turned out to be the winning goal. Overall a terrific game played in tremendous spirit by two very evenly matched teams. Well done to all of the players. Player of the Day was Robert for a combination of almost tireless play and a much improved passing game. And I'd best mention his two goals, too! Most Improved Player was Hannah. In only her second game she is proving to be a strong and persistent defender who isn't phased by anything. 15th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Rangers 9 Bishop Viard College 2 This was a much tougher game than last week, despite the score. Viard were a pretty tough team, with two fast strikers and a strong first half goal keeper with a huge boot on him. These players worked well in the first half, with the keeper being able to kick the ball into the middle of the Rangers' half, putting them under a lot of pressure from a quick Viard attack. This managed to get them their two first half goals. The first spell was very even. The Rangers opened the scoring, but were soon two down and only managed to take the lead with their third goal close to the end of the spell. The second half was a different story. With a replacement keeper, Viard found it harder to compete. The Rangers' fitness and passing gave them the upper hand on possession and they became more dominant as the game went on. The goals came regularly, and Viard seemed to tire a bit towards the end. Still, it was a well-deserved win against a good opponent, and the Rangers were justified in being pretty pleased with themselves.

Draw for 24 May

8th GRADE: Pukerua Bay Dolphins vs Porirua Angels - Greenmeadows (10am); Pukerua Bay Skinks vs Nth Wgtn Power - Greenmeadows (11am); 10th GRADE A: Pukerua Bay Stingrays vs Tawa Harriers - Ngatitoa 1B (P) (10am); 11th GRADE B: Nth Wgtn Sharks vs Pukerua Bay Barracudas - Raroa Intermediate (11am) 12th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Sharks vs Karori Rappers - Adventure 1 (10.45); 15th GRADE B: Pukerua Bay Rangers vs Bishop Viard College - Ngatitoa (10.45).

Results for 17 May

8th Grade Nth Wgtn Blaze 8 Pukerua Bay Skinks 1 A much more even game than the score suggests. The Skinks competed strongly for the whole game, with lots of shots at goal. Unfortunately, only Amy was successful in scoring. Player of the day - Amy. Coach's special award went to Lucy. Onslow Bankots 13 Pukerua Bay Dolphins 3 10th Grade A Nth Wgtn Victory 0 Pukerua Stingrays 12 A few weeks off didn't seem to affect the Stingrays with a comprehensive display of attacking football along with some equally committed defence. It's good to see the commitment shown at training transferring to the Saturday matches. A well contested first 5 minutes of the game seemed to suggest an even tussle but once the Stingrays started scoring they never let the opposition get into the game and completely dominated right to the final whistle. Some terrific goals from Angus, Noa, Johnny, Zac, Elroy and Connor many coming from taking the ball wide and sending in accurate crosses. The few opportunities North Wellington had were repelled by excellent skills shown by all the defensive players, rarely letting the opposition strikers to have an uninterrupted shot on goal. Player of the day was the whole team for an all-round performance. 11th Grade B Pukerua Bay Barracudas 1 Karori Bellbirds 3 This was an even game, despite the score. The Barracudas held Karori to a nil-all draw until the last couple of minutes of the first half, when Karori managed to slip in two quick goals. An evenly contested second half saw the teams get a goal a piece. Player of the day - Peter. 12th Grade B Karori Volts 0 Pukerua Bay Sharks 9 A beautiful day for football after so many cancellations, and both teams went out determined to enjoy themselves and score a few goals. In the first few minutes of the game it looked as though this might be quite an even contest, with both midfields putting some attacking moves together. Fortunately for the Sharks we took the first chance that came our way with George scoring a lovely goal from around the edge of the box (it might have been a half volley, too, but I can't remember). Even better, though, was that this was the culmination of some terrific passing and a perfect cross into the centre from the right wing. In fact, the Sharks' passing during the first half was without doubt the best they have ever played, and we were 4 - 0 up at half time, with the other goals scored by Robert and Andrew. The second half was a bit scrappier, largely because the Sharks started to play a little more individually rather than as a team, but nevertheless they scored 5 more good goals. At this point I moved defence into attack and attack into defence, but by now it was too late for the Volts to make any inroads. That said, the Volts are not a bad team at all (they looked really switched on during their warm-ups; I was very impressed), but a number of them are playing up a year and I think found it hard to keep up with the older players. Quite a bag of goals for us, with Andrew scoring 4, Robert 2, Dominic 2 and George 1 (his first for the Sharks). I couldn't pick a player of the day because everyone played so well, so everyone was:-) Well done. 15th Grade B Wellington College D 0 Pukerua Bay Rangers 13 This was the first outing for the reconstituted Rangers. None of us were really sure how they would do, but we didn't have long to find out - the first goal was scored within a couple of minutes of kickoff. The Rangers played a terrific game. Their passing was excellent, ball control was great, positional play well thought out and they fought hard for the ball at every opportunity. They were controlled and confident for the entire game. College never troubled them apart from one serious attacking sequence in the second half, but it was obvious that most of the Rangers were used to playing together and that gave them a real edge. The benefit of all those hours of impromptu soccer at the school really showed! Everyone had a great time.

Draw for 10 May

Same as last week, with the addition of the 15th Grade Rangers. 8th Grade Nth Wgtn Blaze vs Pukerua Bay Skinks at Churton 2 (11am) Onslow Bankots vs Pukerua Bay Dolphins at Pinkerton 1 (11am) (Pinkerton Park is at the top of Newlands, near the old Horokiwi landfill Google map) 10th Grade A Nth Wgtn Victory vs Pukerua Stingrays at Churton 1 (11am) 11th Grade B Pukerua Barracudas vs Karori Bellbirds at Postgate (10am) 12th Grade B Karori Volts vs Pukerua Bay Sharks at Anderson (10.45) (Anderson Park is by the rose gardens in the Wgtn Botanical Gardens) 15th Grade B Wellington College D vs Pukerua Bay Rangers at Grenada North 1 (10.45)